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Every year, thousands of Chicagoland homes endure hail and storm damage. If left unchecked, affected siding and shingles can lead to more sever problems from water and moisture leakage.

Our insurance claim specialists have helped thousands of homeowners restore their homes with quality craftsmanship and lifetime-guaranteed materials for nothing more than the cost of their policy deductible. Because weather is considered an “Act of God” these claims will not directly cause an increase in your insurance premiums.

Free Inspection
Our trained personnel will inspect the outside of your home including siding, trim, gutters, and roof. Other exterior parts of your property may be inspected (fence, air conditioner) if additional collateral evidence is needed to certify storm presence. If sufficient evidence of hail or storm damage is found, we will recommend how to inform your insurance carrier and give you the information that they will need.

Insurance Process
Once the insurance company has been contacted, they will schedule an adjuster to come to your home for an inspection. Our representative will meet with them at the scheduled time to identify the damages and work on your behalf for a full replacement. It is not necessary for the homeowner to be present if they do not wish to be.

Because we only recommend property cases that present sufficient storm evidence according to insurance guidelines, the majority of cases are successful in obtaining insurance approval for full exterior coverage of the affect materials. In the event that only partial approval is given (i.e. two sides of the house or half the roof), we will preset the homeowner with estimates for the additional work at their discretion. It is always in the homeowner’s best interest to avoid partial replacements since this would result in different instances of colors and materials of different quality.

Construction and Warranty
Finally, we will present you with material samples for your choice of styles and colors. Our experienced building crews will conduct a complete tear-off of your roof and/or siding and install new quality materials that will increase the beauty, security, and value of your home. All siding materials come with a double lifetime manufacture guarantee and roofing materials come with a 30-year manufacture guarantee. All labor is covered by a quality workmanship guarantee.

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